Word of the General Secretary

Since 2012, the CDL has taken a new turn with the objective to become the best European platform dedicated to European agrifood promotion. We have enlarged our group with new members, giving us a stronger geographical representation. We have also new members involved in complementary sectors like meat or food industry.

Furthermore, three specific committees have been created as fora where exchanging experiences and opinions: one committee is dedicated to trade shows, another one to wines and the last one to multi-country programmes - whose development is a key objective of the new EU policy on the promotion of agricultural products. These three committees are oriented both on promotion intelligence and project development.

We also organise, on a regular basis, market visits (the latest in Turkey) to identify promising markets where European exporters need support to build a competitive advantage. Our challenge for the future is to further explore the potential for multi-country promotion programmes to be set up between the CDL members, so that they can implement common actions on targeted markets.

To be more efficient, let’s promote our European agrifood producers together!


Kathy Roussel, CDL General Secretary.