Our ambitions:


The Comité de Liaison has 3 main objectives:

Exchanging information on food and wine promotion activities.
Participating bodies can share, informally, information on their respective promotion activities in the EU and in third countries. Comité de Liaison meetings are also an opportunity to learn more about new consumer trends, commercial structures and economic and key demographic developments in different markets.

Assessing the value of international trade fairs.
Showcasing a food or wine product at a trade show can be a valuable investment, but it can also be expensive. Every trade show is unique and there are many variables to take into consideration when considering if the price is worth the benefit. In this regard, the Comité de Liaison meetings provide an important opportunity to exchange experiences on the relevance of different venues for specific market or business segmeny as wellas on the costs of various EU and international food and wine shows.

Securing a strong position for the food marketing sector at EU level.
The Comité de Liaison provides regular updates to its members on EU food promotion policies and legislation. In promotion committee meetings, Comité de Liaison members are encouraged to share experiences on success-cases and best practices related to EU co-funded promotion programmes. The Comité de Liaison also promotes the interest of the food and wine marketing sector at EU level. EU guest speakers are regularly invited to discuss specific matters that are of interest for the group (participation to EU pavilions, EU trade missions, reform of the EU promotion policy…). The promotion committee meetings also explore opportunities for the set-up of  multi-country promotional programmes with or without co-financing from the EU.