Bord Bia - Irish Food Board

Bord Bia - Irish Food Board was established by the Government of Ireland in 1994 for the market development and promotion of Irish food and drink at home and overseas. Bord Bia's mission is to grow the success of a world class Irish food and horticulture industry by providing strategic market development, promotion and information services. Its funding is provided by a combination of grant in aid from the Irish government and statutory livestock levies.

The role of Bord Bia, is to act as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world. Our objective is to develop markets for Irish suppliers and to bring the taste of Irish food to more tables world-wide. Bord Bia works with the following sectors - meat, livestock, dairy, specialty foods, drinks, confectionary, ready meals, horticulture (food & amenity) and seafood sectors. Strategic Objectives

Bord Bia’s mission is further articulated through the following six strategic objectives:

  1. To actively contribute to the success and development of the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.
  2. To positively influence attitudes towards, and knowledge of, Irish food, drink and horticulture among consumer and trade buyers in the marketplace.
  3. To establish Bord Bia as the top-of-mind source for authoritative market research and analysis, providing a link between market opportunities and the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.
  4. To lead a collaborative approach to market development with the key agencies involved in serving Irish food, drink and horticulture.
  5. To actively respond to significant market issues that affect the industry.
  6. To deliver value-for-money with expenditures

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Bord Bia – Irish Food Board Clanwilliam Court
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Phone: +353 1 6685155