Agricultural Marketing Centre Ltd.

Agricultural Marketing Centre Ltd. performs the tasks related to collective agricultural marketing on its own, under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture. AMC plays an active role in improving the competitiveness and business results of the Hungarian agrifood industry, including SMEs in agriculture and food industry.

The mission of AMC is to expand the markets for Hungarian food products and drinks both at home and abroad by helping the producers and suppliers in their marketing and sales activities, using the tools of collective marketing.

What we do:

  • Research and educational programmes
  • Generic promotional and advertising campaigns
  • Supporting regional marketing events and fairs
  • Organising fairs, other marketing and sales promotion events
  • Participating in domestic and international fairs with a collective stand
  • Preparing information brochures on Hungarian food and drinks
  • Increasing knowledge about high quality food and ’Hungarikum’s
  • Organising trade forums and conferences

 Who we work for:

  • domestic manufacturers of food and drinks, mainly SMEs
  • producers of tradional and artisan food products
  • producers associations
  • Ministry of Agriculture

 Our campaign areas:

  •  Comsumer campaigns for meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • Seasonal advertising campaigns
  • POS tastings in supermarkets
  • Organising the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition


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Address:1013 Budapest, Pauler u.6., Hungary                                                                                                


Phone number:+ 36 1 450 8800                                    



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Mr. György Imre Lipcsey, CEO, Agricultural Marketing Centre Ltd.