AgrarMarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH

AMA-Marketing GesmbH has been established as the Austrian platform for quality enhancement, sales promotion and communication in the field of agricultural products and foodstuffs. AMA-Marketing provides the licence to use a special certificate to manufacturers and retail traders whose products are placed on the market in full accordance with AMA’s guidelines. The organisation’s duties are regulated by federal legislation.
AMA Marketing focuses on customer interests with the aim of fastening consumer confidence in the farming sector as well as upstream in food processing and distribution.

What we do :

  • Quality assurance: (guideline development, product certification and control systems) including all stages of production, processing and distribution. AMA’s most important labels are its two certificates for conventional foodstuffs and for organic production.
  • Information: objective and fact-based communication concerning agricultural production and processed foodstuffs.
  • Promotion activities: classic and innovative sales promotion activities targeted at selected markets and based on statistical data.

Whom we work for :

  • Consumers
  • Farmers
  • Licensees
  • Food manufacturers
  • Retail trade
  • Stakeholders

Our campaign areas :

  • Campaigns highlighting our labels
  • Generic campaigns for milk and milk products, meat and meat products, fruit, vegetables and potatoes, eggs, flowers (conventional and organic)
  • Above- and below-the-line measures

Contact us :

Dolly Blach
Dresdner Straße 68a
A-1200 Vienna / Austria
Tel. 0043-1/33151-403

Wien - AMA Geschäftsführer Dr. Michael Blass
 Dr. Michael Blass, Managing Director