The Wine Committee

Europe is home to the world’s greatest wines and also offers the largest selection. Grown in more than half of the 27 EU Member States, they range from high quality wines from regions such as Bordeaux, Chianti, Rioja, Franken, Douro, Tokaj to name but a few, to many fine wines from other regions. But despite all the expertise and the centuries-old traditions of European wine producers, the EU wine industry is losing market share to the dynamic producers in the ’New World" markets.

Leading targeted promotion activities that would not only consolidate the presence of enterprises on the traditional export markets but also explore and access new markets, is vital for the wine sector.

To properly address the specificities of promotion activities for the wine sector, CDL wine committee meetings are organised at least once a year. The CDL members are keen to explore synergies for multi-member States promotion activities on 3rd country markets.


You are a professional organisation of the wine sector and you would like to work co-operatively with us in the Wine Committee ?

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