Agrifood Promotion Committee starts operations – new website

Following the CDL merger with the European Trade Promotion Organisations’ Association (ETPOA) last year, the CDL has now disappeared but most of its members continue their close cooperation under the brand new Agrifood Promotion Committee (APC) of the ETPOA.

The APC started operations on the 1st January 2020, so in order to keep up to date regarding its activities, please visit ETPOA’s website: The CDL website will no longer be updated.


ETPOA and the CDL sign their merger agreement

Members from the informal platform Comité de Liaison (CDL) and the European Trade Promotion Organisations’ Association (ETPOA) have gathered today in Brussels for the official Signing Ceremony of their merger agreement.

Brussels – 24th October 2019

After a lot of time and common efforts, the two organisations finalised in July 2019 an agreement to merge, so CDL members will from January 2020 onwards join the ETPOA under a brand new Agrifood Promotion Committee (APC).

In terms of the practical steps given to get here, 9 CDL members have applied to become members of ETPOA – plus 4 CDL members who were already ETPOA members. Their applications to join ETPOA, and the establishment of APC within the ETPOA, were yesterday unanimously approved by the ETPOA’s General Assembly. Following the official approval, members from both organisations gathered today in the premises of the Belgian Permanent Representation in Brussels where Tonia Van der Vyver, President of the ETPOA, and Tania Gesto Casás, Secretary General of the CDL, signed the agreement during an event attended by members of both organisations and representatives of the European Commission.

The 9 new members joining the ETPOA are:

  • Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH (Austria)
  • AHDB – Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (UK)
  • Board Bia (Ireland)
  • BVE – Food and Drink Industries (Germany)
  • FIAB – Food and Drink Industries (Spain)
  • ITA – Italian Trade Agency (Italy)
  • SOPEXA (France)
  • Switzerland Global Enterprise (Switzerland)
  • VLAM – Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board (Belgium)

This merger is a major step forward for the CDL, both in terms of capacity and collaboration. By joining the ETPOA, much wider in scope, the CDL – until now only an informal platform – acquires legal status, and this will for sure open up a range of opportunities that were so far beyond their reach.

As the same time, the ETPOA will increase their membership from 14 to 23 members and will cover 6 additional European countries (including Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

The nine new members will bring along their thorough expertise in the key agri-food promotion sector, together with all their enthusiasm and dynamism to keep building on the excellent collaboration they have had so far, now also with their new ETPOA partners.


The CDL (Comité de Liaison) brings together major European stakeholders promoting the specificity of our food and wine industries throughout the world. The CDL is an informal EU platform where members can exchange best practices on food and wine promotion activities, and for a better positioning on European and third country markets.image3

News about CDL General Secretary

After 9 years as the CDL General Secretary, Kathy Roussel is stepping down from her role to move on to pastures new. Kathy leaves the CDL after having successfully completed the latest steps for finalising the merger agreement between the ETPOA and the CDL. The CDL members are very grateful for her work and support over all these years and wish her all the best in her new career.

During the transition period, Tania Gesto-casas will supporting CDL members and be responsible for completing the latest operational steps of the merger until the end of 2019.PARP_d2_0442

CDL to join the ETPOA under the new Agrifood Promotion Committee

After several years of discussions, on Friday 05th July, the negotiations for the merger agreement between the Comité de Liaison and the European Trade Promotion Organisations Association have been finalised.

CdL members will join the ETPOA under the new  Agrifood Promotion Commitee. This a major step forward for the CDL, not only in terms of capacity but also in terms of being acknowledged as an official EU stakeholder. We can’t wait to get down to business together on January 1st, 2020. In the meantime, stay tuned for the official signing ceremony in October 2019.